Eskute Rear Rack for Netuno & Polluno

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Robust Construction: Engineered for strength and stability, our rear rack can securely carry your belongings without compromising your e-bike's performance.

Easy Installation: Effortlessly attach the rack to your Netuno or Polluno with our user-friendly installation process. No need for complex tools – get ready to ride with added convenience.

Versatile Utility: Whether you're commuting to work or planning a leisurely ride, the rear rack enhances your e-bike's functionality. Transport groceries, backpacks, or other items with ease.

Sleek Design: Our rear rack complements the stylish design of Netuno and Polluno e-bikes, ensuring you ride in both fashion and function.

Elevate your e-biking experience with the Netuno and Polluno Rear Rack – the perfect fusion of practicality and style.