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Welcome to the world of City electric bikes, where convenience meets sustainability. Our sleek and stylish city e-bikes are designed to enhance your urban commuting experience. Effortlessly maneuver through busy streets and bike lanes with agility and speed. Say goodbye to traffic congestion and limited parking options. Our e-bikes offer efficient and eco-friendly transportation. Stay in control with adjustable pedal assistance levels and a powerful motor. Embrace sustainability with a long-lasting battery, reducing your carbon footprint. Experience the joy of urban exploration on our e-bikes, rediscover your city, and embrace a greener way to navigate the urban landscape.
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Eskute C100 Commuter Ebike

$499.00 $699.00
350W 50N.m:Battery
375Wh: Range
35 Miles:

Eskute Star Foldable Ebike

$999.00 $1,599.00
Monthly from $46.00
Motor:500W 65N
Battery: 960Wh
Range: 80 Miles