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      Too many hours wasted in traffic jams, circling through a city block looking for parking started ESKUTE. The company which makes electric bicycles, to prevent the excruciating commute to almost anywhere.


      Ever had those days, stuck in traffic, waiting for others to budge a little before edging on the accelerator. We’ve all been there. Time wasted coupled with the increased pollution for the environment. Now imagine yourself zooming through traffic, with amazing manoeuvrability, style, and freedom, but with half the effort. That’s 100% of what an electric bicycle from ESKUTE does.

      Get ready to explore the city through a new route, not the one restricted only to motorised vehicles, stop for a cup of coffee on the way before work, or maybe even two. Our bikes open new avenues for you to commute, take creativity into your own hands, literally.

      At ESKUTE, we also takes the principle “The Freedom To Explore Anywhere” very seriously. In fact, we want everyone to ride a bicycle instead of driving, but that’s practically impossible. So we combined the two to make it a reality. This principle brought forth new challenges, rough terrains and elderly joints are all factors in hindering that. As Eskute aims to bring forth exploration to any age, we developed power assist bicycles that could easily reign over rugged roads and physical limitations. So even the elderly can enjoy the thrills of riding the bikes they love, with a fraction of effort.

      Simply Put: There’s a place in your heart for bicycles, electric bicycles to be exact. Try ESKUTE, take back your freedom.